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New Research from the CWMH: Prenatal Supplement Containing Folate May Reduce Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy

While there is research to support the reproductive safety of many antidepressants, many woman and their providers ask about alternatives to traditional antidepressants in women who are pregnant or planning to conceive.  In a recent study, Dr. Marlene Freeman and colleagues at the Center for Women’s Mental Health explored the use of a folate-based preparation… Read More »

Dementia symptoms: This toilet habit could be a sign of the degenerative condition

Dementia symptoms can affect different people differently, which is why it’s important to recognise all the ones that can occur. The condition, which affects the brain, can trigger memory loss, thinking speed, mental sharpness and understanding, but it can also impact a person’s movement. As a result, incontinence and toilet problems can occur. According to… Read More »

Parkinson’s disease warning: Surprising sauce you should eat everyday to avoid symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition that causes the brain to become progressively more damaged over time. The condition affects around 127,000 people in the UK, according to the NHS. But you could lower your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease symptoms by making some simple diet or lifestyle changes. An easy way to slash your… Read More »