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Holy grail cancer test? Hold on. Here’s what you need to know

December 5, 2018 Posted By Categories Gary Schwitzer is the Founder & Publisher of HealthNewsReview.org. He tweets as @garyschwitzer. Australian researchers at the University of Queensland reported that “a quick and easy test to detect cancer from blood or biopsy tissue could eventually result in a new approach to patient diagnosis.” A news release quoted one… Read More »

What is croup? Everything you need to know about the cold-like illness in children

We’ve all heard of, and probably tried, various home remedies for cough and cold, from eating chicken soup to lathering on Vick’s VapoRub and wearing socks to sleep. But while most cough and colds are from viruses that might come and go without many complications, others, can be a little scarier. Croup, a cold-like infection… Read More »