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Studies Offer Glimpses into the Future of Medicine – PRNewswire

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today during the 60th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, presenters of three studies will highlight how recent technological developments are translating into clinically relevant advances for hard-to-treat blood disorders. “These cutting-edge studies are examples of the rapid progress we are seeing… Read More »

Democrats plan probe into Ivanka Trump's personal email use

Democrats are planning an investigation into Ivanka Trump after she reportedly used a personal email account for government business. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said the panel would investigate White House communications when his party take over the US House of Representatives in January. “We plan to continue our investigation… Read More »

Nanoneedle Skin Patch to Inject Drugs Into Cells

November 12th, 2018 Editors Dermatology, Materials, Nanomedicine Delivering drugs directly into skin cells using microscopic nanoneedles may allow for highly effective treatment of skin conditions without injuring the cells that are treated. Silicon nanoneedles have been developed in the past that can do such a trick, but they’re stiff and can be painful, in addition… Read More »