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3 Roadblocks LGBTQ Women Face in Fitness Spaces

You wouldn’t think that sexual orientation has any influence on physical activity levels, especially if you identify as heterosexual — but the unfortunate reality is that it can, and often does. Being a “sexual minority” is like belonging to an effectively invisible minority group, meaning that unless your sexual orientation is disclosed people will often… Read More »

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Pole Vaulter Anicka Newell Talks About Olympics, Fitness & Diet

Anicka Newell is a Canadian track and field athlete competing in the pole vault. Anicka cleared 4.65 m (15 ft 3 in) at Texas State University San Marcos in June 2017 which is the second highest athlete all-time in Athletics Canada behind Alysha Newman. In July 2016, she was officially named to Canada’s Olympic team. Newell… Read More »

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Dance Your Way to Long-Lasting Fitness

Are you the type who will start dancing around the kitchen as you are cooking if a good song comes on the radio? Or maybe you’re the first one on the dance floor when you’re at a wedding and the band starts playing. If you love music and can’t keep your body from moving to… Read More »

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