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EDs could save $8.3B annually with better primary care, study finds

Dive Brief: More effective primary care could save emergency departments an estimated $ 8.3 billion annually, according to a new Premier analysis. Of 24 million visits by patients with certain chronic conditions in 2017, 4.3 million were potentially avoidable. Patients with those conditions contributed to nearly 60% of all ED visits at nearly 750 hospitals… Read More »

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Health care spending on Medicare elderly dips, study finds

Part of the reason why, he said, can be boiled down to simple numbers. Prevention programs must include huge numbers of people to be effective, making them expensive, and there is no guarantee they will work. As an example, Cutler pointed to smoking cessation. “If you stop smoking and then you don’t have a heart… Read More »

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This is how we get terrible health care – The Week Magazine

January 31, 2019 Now that the presidential race has started (God help us), candidates have started discussing policies — and because the health care system very obviously needs another round of reform, Medicare-for-all is a hot topic. At a town hall, Kamala Harris was asked whether she would support getting rid of all private insurance… Read More »

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