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10 Health Benefits of Garlic (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

Garlic, or allium, is hard to beat for health benefits.  Not only is garlic healthy, it enhances the flavor of most foods.  It’s no surprise that garlic is found in almost every type of cuisine across the globe.  It grows easily, and has few pests in nature, making it less likely to contain chemical pesticides… Read More »

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Benefits Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation a process in which low level electrically induced patches are used to contract the muscles in the body — a favourite way of focusing on a specific muscle group in health and fitness. This is a result of the technological development which has occurred in recent times. The EMS is used in… Read More »

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The Benefits of Sex as a Senior

As people age, their joints may become stiffer, they might walk a little more slowly, and certain faculties like eyesight and hearing may not be as sharp as they once were. But that doesn’t mean senior citizens are not capable of doing many of the things they’ve always enjoyed, and one of those things is… Read More »

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