'Apple-Shaped' Body? 'Pear-Shaped'? Your Genes May Tell

Print this page MONDAY, Feb. 18, 2019 — A large, new study has uncovered 24 genetic variations that help separate the apple-shaped people from the pear-shaped ones. Researchers said the findings help explain why some people are prone to carrying any excess weight around the belly. But more importantly, they could eventually shed light on… Read More »

Award-winning celebrities with hearing loss

Ah, award season. A time where our favorite celebrities dress in designer fashions, walk the red carpet and accept recognition for the hard work they’ve put into entertaining us all. In celebration, Healthy Hearing would like to recognize a few others we believe deserve acclaim. In a world where image is everything and communication is… Read More »

'Medicare for All' would require obesity laws

Proponents of “Medicare for All” often point towards European nations with universal healthcare systems to prove that single-payer could work here. The global ramifications of inevitably immolating our medical research and development aside, there’s just one, massive elephant in the room that progressives love to ignore: obesity. At 36.2 percent, the American obesity rate is… Read More »